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My listeners love it

Learners from all over the world have finally found a better way to improve their English!

“Well I’m gonna share my thoughts about the Discord community (short version haha). If you have a real and active interest in learning English then you must be there. I’ve been learning English for so long and I've enrolled in different courses to improve my skills day by day, but nothing compares to the Discord community hosted by Tony. Courses have an end, but the community does not. You’ll find a kind environment and people that will allow you to make your English journey easier by being able to stay in touch with English at all times and even learn about interesting topics, tools, ideas, etc. Also you can talk with other people whenever and wherever you want while feeling comfortable which was the most difficult thing for me to find. This Discord community is by far the best thing that I’ve ever discovered in terms of learning English. Give it a try, I’m sure you won’t regret it!”

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Victor Carrasco

Alicante, Spain 🇪🇸

"I've had an amazing experience practicing my English speaking skills in Tony's community. The supportive and engaging environment has allowed me to connect with other English learners from all over the world without feeling stressed. What sets this community apart from other language exchanging apps is the consistency and variety of events. We talk about almost everything in life, from culture and food to education, self-improvement, and fitness. Tony is very organized and disciplined, and we have language exchanging group discussions every other week. Overall, I highly recommend this community to anyone looking to improve their English speaking skills, gain new perspectives, and make new friends from all over the world."

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Nour Sayed

Luxor City, Egypt 🇪🇬

“This community is full of friendly people who all want to improve their English level. Tony, the community leader, teaches us correct grammar and gives us a room with topics that are easy to talk about. During the events, you can easily talk with friends and have a good time. I feel that by interacting with the community, I will improve my listening and speaking level little by little. It is good to look at textbooks or use apps to study on your own, but language is something you use to communicate with someone else, so this is a great community where you can have fun and talk with friends.”

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Ikumi Kato

Hokkaido, Japan 🇯🇵

“A while back, I used to feel anxious and frustrated just thinking about speaking English in front of native speakers or participating in an interview. So I decided to join this community with the hope that it would help me to build my confidence and my ability to communicate in English. Luckily, it turned out to be exactly what I needed. This community provides a secure and supportive environment where I can interact with fellow learners. It has played a crucial role in shaping me into the professional and individual I am today.”

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José Daniel Canales

San José, Costa Rica 🇨🇷

"I've been tuning into Tony's podcast for a long time, and it's crucial for my daily English learning. Tony's podcast style is unique, blending engaging conversations with a rich array of content, which has significantly enhanced my vocabulary and fluency in English. However, the meticulous explanation of expressions and phrasal verbs stands out the most, making the content much more understandable. This excellent resource has been instrumental in my daily language journey. I recommend it for anyone who wants to move to the next level of English."

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Wellington Pimenta

São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷

"I love Tony's content because it is a fun way to learn English. You can listen to his interesting podcasts, improve your vocabulary through transcripts and writing prompts. Also, the topics of their podcasts are always very interesting, avant-garde and varied: American culture, life experience, psychology,  tips to improve our language learning, funny interviews, among others. It even teaches us to listen to other podcasts from other content creators, discussing vocabulary, accent and other clues to understand the idea much better. After many attempts, I have finally found a place where I improve my English skills every day. Thanks to his amazing Discord community, a private group where we interact every day through posts, debates, audio messages, challenges, voice channel meetings, games and much more. You choose when to participate, and from there you will find everything you need to improve your English, you just need to have discipline and dedication. All this can be possible with the mentoring of Tony, the best teacher you can find."

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Francisco Santelys

Caracas, Venezuela 🇻🇪

"I was constantly looking for places to practice English, but I never felt fulfilled. I was struggling and I wanted to get over that little hump that you feel when you don’t speak fluently. I was lucky to find Real English Radio, the line of work of this podcast is completely different from others because you will find real and meaningful topics that make you feel that you are learning English but also you are learning knowledge for your life. Real English Radio really gives me the tools to improve and develop a good confidence when I speak but mostly when I write. After joining this community, I discovered that writing fires me up! To be honest, my earlier writing wasn't like what I've learned here. The vocabulary guide that comes with each episode has been very helpful. I’m grinding because I really want to reach my goal. Real English Radio always makes me think outside of the box. Don’t line up with people that give you false promises and tell you that you will speak fluently in six months. English is not rocket science, but you need to get immersed and have a full commitment. I still struggle but now I feel capable of debating my ideas and English doesn’t faze me anymore."

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Alejandra Rivera

Guatemala City, Guatemala 🇬🇹

"The necessity of learn another language started when I looked for new job opportunities. I've been in several Institutes learning and practicing English that helped me to learn the basics. But at the end the practice is missing, I was looking for something really practical from somebody native to understand their culture. I found Tony's project through my social media, where he talks about several topics pretty interesting for nowadays with focus on English learners and the way a native does to sound more natural, there isn't judgment or taboo topics. One thing I've learned from Tony's project is that you can learn one language through your daily life doing the stuff that you like but in English and I loved the idea. That's the reason that I became a community member (Discord) where you keep in touch with other people that have the same goal, because for me that hardest part was finding people with the commitment to improve their skills. Tony always encourages you to leave the fear and practice to improve your skills. In my case, it's a work in progress but definitely I've improved if I watch my beginning up to today. You have to do your part too, Real English Radio isn't gonna do everything. You have to bring commitment, persistence, respect, discipline and be hungry to keep learning and teaching to practice and improve every day."

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Jorge Fonseca

Tegucigalpa, Honduras 🇭🇳

"You can’t imagine how much I've enjoyed listening to the podcast Real English. First of all, I am really interested in this kind of topics, such as social behaviors, mental processes, psychological issues and philosophical questions. Finding Tony Kaizen was an amazing discovery. Also, the best tips for learning a second language I have found with him. To give you an idea... I learned that the most important thing to learn a language is to improve your communication skills. It's not all about grammar rules, vocabulary or linguistic knowledge. You should be able to communicate with anyone, open your mind, be willing to learn about other cultures, other experiences, other points of view, and last but not least, cultivate the art of listening, with respect and curiosity. Additionally, a good advice I adopted was "be interesting in your talk". It's boring the same questions, so you have to read and search about different topics in life. Broaden your conversations and match with people who want to talk about anything. If one person doesn't want to, you're sure to find another. For this reason, I highly recommend joining Premium Podcast, with the material you can study a wide range of topics. To conclude, in this precious but steep road of learning a language, I’m following his advice to take baby steps every day, enjoy the process because it is only up to you. And It's ideal to make the process enjoyable. The premium material has a detailed explanation of adjectives, idioms, verbs and examples that you can rewrite to practice and then use in conversations. Anyway, I love his please Tony don't stop doing these amazing podcasts!"

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Eloísa Vanegas

Medellín, Colombia 🇨🇴

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