Who is Tony Kaizen?

Welcome to Real English Radio, the podcast dedicated to teaching you real spoken English in a practical and interesting way. Join me, Tony Kaizen, as we dive into a wide range of topics, from food, sports, and music to psychology, culture, and relationships. By exposing you to a variety of subjects, this podcast naturally enhances your vocabulary and comprehension of the English language.

As the host of Real English Radio, I bring over five years of experience in teaching English and have had the privilege of working with students from around the world. My teaching method focuses on the art of conversation, emphasizing practical communication skills rather than just grammar rules. I encourage all students to express themselves openly and frequently, as true language proficiency comes from practice and repetition.

Starting this podcast has allowed me to combine my passion for teaching with creative work in a unique way. Through Real English Radio, I aim to help English learners understand the way native speakers communicate in real life. Together, we'll improve your comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of American culture.

Each episode of Real English Radio is typically a solo discussion hosted by me, Tony Kaizen. However, I often incorporate clips of native English speakers discussing fascinating topics. I break down these clips to help English learners understand advanced words and cultural references. You can expect a mix of storytelling, philosophical discussions, music, and tips for learning English and improving your communication skills.

Real English Radio is designed for intermediate and advanced English learners who want to enhance their language proficiency, gain insights into American culture, and communicate effectively with others. If you're tired of monotonous grammar exercises and repetitive YouTube lessons, this podcast is for you. This podcast is for naturally curious individuals who enjoy exploring various ideas and expanding their knowledge.

I release podcast episodes on a regular basis, typically offering two new episodes per week. However, our Patreon subscribers gain early access, occasionally receiving three or four episodes in a single week.

In the past, I've covered a diverse range of topics, including confidence, communication skills, career advice, American culture, stoic philosophy, neuroscience, productivity, and self-improvement. The depth and breadth of my content ensure a diverse and interesting listening experience.

For feedback, questions, or collaboration opportunities, you can reach out to me through the contact form on my website or connect with us on social media @tonykaizen across all platforms. I look forward to hearing from you and embarking on this language-learning journey together!

Much love,

Tony Kaizen

Tony Kaizen
Tony Kaizen
Host of Real English Radio

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